A cute dog walked through a busy street and begged for assistance from everyone.


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This stray dog used to run hysterically after every person that passed by in Romania in an effort to get attention. She was a street survivor, but by the way she carried herself, she knew that some of the people she met may help her.

She regularly appeared to be searching for something or someone as she walked in different directions, dodging cars and following people.

Fortunately, the Howl of the Dog rescuers heard about the homeless dog’s situation and made the decision to locate her so they could help her.

The volunteers of the rescue group were determined to save the helpless dog because they wanted to improve her situation and offer her a better life. When they arrived to the scene, they found her right away, but they had to be cautious not to scare her too much and have her run away.

The last thing the rescuers wanted was for the puppy to dash into traffic and get run over. They then devised a plan to approach her gradually and provided her with a variety of foods to gain her trust.

The plan was successful because the helpers were able to quickly put the strap around her neck and save her. After that, things went a lot more smoothly, and they made the decision to take her to the neighborhood vet for a checkup and to figure out what issues she was having.

The entire group arrived to the vet clinic quickly, and the dog seemed to enjoy the journey while in the car.

The dog, who her rescuers had named Lily, was found to be two years old, in good health, and she was not lacking any vaccinations, which made everyone happy. The doctor examined her and searched for a microchip, which is required in Romania, to verify her age and determine whether she needed any vaccinations.

They gave her some medications and vitamins to boost her immune system and keep her from becoming sick since they wanted to make sure she was taken care of. Her chewing gum couldn’t be removed, so they had to trim a portion of her fur.

She had a thorough cleaning after her wash and was then led to the neighborhood park for her first stroll. Lily was perplexed and unsure of what to do, but with the aid of her rescuers, she was soon having fun with other dogs.

Thanks to the workers at the shelter, Lily was prepared to begin her new life; all she needed was to find her a permanent home.

The good news arrived swiftly since Lily didn’t have to wait very long before a German family decided to adopt her permanently.

The staff at the shelter was so delighted that Lily had been adopted that they made the choice to post about the dog’s success on their Facebook page.

They published this on Facebook:

“Lily has found a wonderful home in Germany.”

Lily has at last found a loving home, and she now has has her family’s love and the company of her adoptive brother, Mambo, to look forward to.

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