A kind Pitbull dog brought an injured bird to his mother so she could heIp him recover.


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An extraordinary and courageous event took occurred at the home of Elizabeth Houston when her dog carried a sick bird to her so that she might treat it. Two years ago, Charlie, a Pitbull, was rescued by his family from an abusive owner. Since then, Charlie has grown into an exceptionally remarkable and extremely devoted dog.

Charlie is so kind that he cares greatly about the people around him, as seen by the fact that he wanted to help the little bird that needed aid. This demonstrates that Charlie is a compassionate person.

While he was taking in the view, he observed a bird flying by that had collided with the window and fallen to the ground injured. He continued to watch the spectacle.


The dog’s natural inclination to look out for others kicked in right once, and he ran over to the location where the young bird was so that he could find out what had happened and save the chick.

The following is what Elizabeth said to The Dodo:

When he looked through the window, the bird had just finished flying through the opening into my break room.


After discovering that the bird wasn’t moving, Charlie gingerly placed it in his mouth and carried it to his mother so she could look at it. After that, she sat down and took the bird in her lap while she waited by the woman’s side to see what action she would take to help the bird.


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While he waited for the little bird to answer, Charlie kept a tight watch on Elizabeth and carefully monitored her every move since he was really worried about the animal.

To quote her directly:

“Charlie and my Boston, they kept a careful eye on the bird and I the entire time,” the speaker says.


When the bird, after what seemed like an eternity, finally began to respond after squawking, Charlie’s face went through a rapid transformation. It came as a surprise to him that his new friend had woken, and even more so that he had done so by yelling loudly and drawing everyone’s attention to himself.

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