A little boy visits a shelter and takes home the oldest dog there.


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Shey’s family gave him up to the people who work at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa back in November of 2017. The family of the tiny poodle was in the process of relocating. And they had no intention of bringing him along. It was the 14th year of his life.

Tristan didn’t care if Shey was almost toothless, deaf, or blind since none of those things mattered to him.

Shey was found to be suffering from dental disease when he was brought into the shelter for evaluation; he had just one tooth that was still in good condition after being checked out. In addition to that, he needed to be sterilized. He received the necessary medical attention, but many elderly people languish in shelter settings for much too long. Shey had very few teeth left, no hearing, and just half of her vision was intact.

The staff members at the Dodo noted in an article that “There wasn’t exactly a queue out the door of adopters wanting to meet him.”

However, Tristan came there at that time.

Tristan was unfazed by any of the characteristics that contributed to Shey’s reputation as a less-than-appealing candidate for prospective adopters. Together with his mother, he was seeking for a toy dog that enjoyed being held. The employees brought them together, and it turned out to be an excellent pairing.

Shey’s advanced age and extensive medical requirements made her an intimidating prospect for most prospective adopters.

According to Jessica Jorgenson, the digital content supervisor for the rescue organization, who spoke to The Dodo about Shey, “Shey is incredibly nice and wants to be with humans all the time.”

Those who were there and saw it reported that Tristan’s face beamed with happiness the moment Shey was put on his lap. Shey, too, had a sense of protection while in the loving arms of the boy.

Tristan was given a seat by the adoption team, and everyone carefully went through Shey’s individualized requirements. He listened with the same degree of concern.

“He recognized that Shey couldn’t hear what was going on and may not have been able to see things well, so he moved very slowly,” Jorgenson said. “He understood that Shey couldn’t see what was going on.” “He just had a great deal of regard for what Shey could and could not deal with.”

During the course of the discussion, Tristan even took out his phone in order to jot down some notes on what to bring to the veterinarian for any next immunizations. He informed the staff that he had prepared a unique space in his room for the newest member of his family to call home.

It was love at first cuddle for both of them!

“He was extremely considerate of Shey’s unique requirements,” Jorgenson went on to say. “Taking into account his age, Tristan has remarkable maturity and inquired a great deal.”

It was a no-brainer after seeing how prepared the little kid was for a dog, and the fact that he was so responsible about adopting an older dog was simply another bonus. Seeing how ready the young child was for a dog made it a no-brainer.

Shey’s new favorite place to be is in Tristan’s arms, despite the fact that she has a unique spot in Tristan’s room.

Tristan is doing his best to make up for the time that the senior dog missed while waiting for a new family to adopt him, since the dog had to wait a few lonely months. And a significant number of missed snuggles.


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