A Rescued Overweight Senior Dog Made An Amazing Transformation Under Her Dad’s Fitness Training


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It’s never too late to change your life for the better. For Squishy, a senior dog rescue, she may not have directly made the choice, but she definitely did not hold back on her efforts for improving her health.

The picture above is Squishy after her amazing weight loss. You wouldn’t think that she’s a senior dog, right? She’s looking as cute as a puppy, but the dog has been through a lot in the past years.

Squishy was adopted by Jimmy Shiba, a personal coach who describes himself as a master trainer and a transformation specialist. I don’t question it, as I have already seen his training with Squishy. Jimmy adopted Squishy from Muttville, a senior dog rescue organization, and she weighed 59 pounds and was on different medications for her joints.

Knowing the fact that the dog he just rescued was overweight, and given that Jimmy is a trainer, it’s no surprise that Jimmy has been dedicated to making his dog as healthy as possible. Slowly but surely, the duo got into a routine of walking, and sometimes attempted running, during the early mornings in the first weeks of the adoption. Even with having daily runs in her schedule, Squishy’s taking her time to get used to the new changes in her sedentary life.

“After 200 yards or 300 yards, she would just sit down and not move,” Jimmy said.


Within just a week, unlike the first days where she stubbornly sat down before they even got outside their apartment, Squishy started following Jimmy out the door with no fuss. Week 2, Squishy was able to run from the elevator door to their apartment door. A short distance it may be, but, hey, progress is progress!

Squishy was even able to climb up the stairs, which was previously impossible for her to do. Jimmy said that they try to change the distance of their runs, trying to go a little further bit by bit, and Squishy eventually became able to keep up and run side-by-side with her dad.

A year later, Squishy has conquered the stairs! In an Instagram post, Jimmy captioned the video of Squishy running up the stairs with a new record, “Squishy dominating the stairs with a 20-second record! Great job Squishy!!! Down from 45 seconds on her first try from last year!!”

Three years into the adorable dog’s fitness journey, Squishy hit her fitness goal and is now down to 30 pounds. From being an overweight senior dog, she’s transformed into a healthy and energetic pooch!

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