A Sweet Rescue Dog Still Needs a Home After Being in Shelter for More Than a Year


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Meet Mister, an adorable shelter dog who’s been waiting for a forever home for more than a year in southern Arizona. A 6-year-old neutered male, he’s a gorgeous tricolor pit bull terrier that weighs approximately 70 pounds. Mister may be a formal name but he’s a pretty casual kind of guy. He loves mellow strolls, giving smooches, and wearing Hawaiian shirts every day (not just casual Fridays). Mister enjoys car rides, loves to play fetch, and knows basic skills like sit, down, and stay. Ok, his down isn’t perfect but that’s a tough one!


Shelter Pets

Mister has been quite the gentleman since his arrival at PACC and has scores of volunteer and staff fans. He walks well on a leash and is always up for some time with his people pals. Mister would like to meet any resident dogs to make sure they’d be a good fit. Mister has spent enough time at the shelter and deserves to find a forever home with a family who will love and care for him for life!


Animal Rescue

Here’s what shelter staff and volunteers had to say about this wonderful boy:

“A perfect outing with Mister. We drove to Bookman’s, and he is a very good passenger. At the store, he walked up and down all the aisles and past customers, taking in the sights and smells. A man wanted to pet him, and Mister politely sat and happily allowed touch. He has never shown any fear of meeting strangers.”

“Mister and I went for a drive to a nearby Mister Car Wash so he could check on his business interests. He is such a good passenger, stays in his seat, and calmly watches the outside world. He has become quite affectionate in a reserved way. He is so easy to be with, undemanding, and polite.”

“I took Mister to the ballpark. He was very interested in checking all the new scents, especially around the grass. He came when called then resumed exploring. He’s comically bad at catching treats (or maybe I’m just bad at throwing). He is a perfect companion.”


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