A Woman Adopts A Dog From The Shelter Who Kept Being Returned And Discovers She’s No Ordinary Dog


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In the early stages of their life, while dogs are still growing and developing, they have a lot of energy. And when this energy is not given the right outlet, the dogs may often start acting inappropriately or engaging in destructive behavior.

One of these puppies was named Penny, and she was only 10 weeks old when she was found wandering the streets and taken to a shelter. Because of her disruptive behavior, she was returned to the shelter on a regular basis, and it wasn’t long before she found herself moving quickly from one family to the next.

Penny desperately need the company of an individual who would take the time to provide her with the necessary cerebral stimulation. She found the ideal companion in a lady called Leonora Anzaldua, who fell madly in love with her at first sight and eventually took her in as her own daughter.

Penny needed some mental challenge, therefore Leonora made the decision to provide it. She started by teaching Penny how to sit on her own. Penny was able to master the move after just three attempts at it. Penny had already become an expert in all of the standard dog tricks by the time she was 8 months old.

Leonora made the executive decision to step things up a notch and find out whether it is possible for a dog to have the same level of mental ability as a child. She began teaching Penny to recognize different shapes by using blocks as a teaching tool. Penny’s education in geometry was completed in record speed.

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Leonora was impressed by how rapidly Penny was picking up new information, so she made the decision to test Penny’s limits to see if she could learn even more. She went out and purchased some letter blocks, and then she began teaching Penny the alphabet.

Unbelievably, Penny was able to grasp this as well, and she is even able to spell her own name! That is very awesome to hear.

Penny’s attempt to spell her own name was caught on camera by Leonora, who then broadcast the video to the globe. The most entertaining portion of this video is when Penny spends a while concentrating on the letter “Y” before moving on to the next component of the word.

You can see the very bright Penny spell her own name in the video that can be found below.

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