A woman went to see a dog every day for a year until she could save and bring her home.


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Laura Seymour was faced with a number of obstacles during the whole of the process of rescuing the dog that she called Takia; yet, she never gave up and was able to give the dog the life that she had always deserved to live.

When Laura was on her way to work one day, she passed by the house of a heartless individual and saw a dog that was chained to a tree there. Laura, who has a soft spot in her heart for critters, hurried over to the house’s fence to learn more about what had happened and to meet her new animal friend.

As soon as the lady got near enough to view the enormous Akita, she proceeded with considerable caution since she was unsure of how the dog would react to her presence. She was astounded when the dog welcomed her with a never-ending barrage of kisses and began wagging her tail in gleeful celebration.


After developing a sufficient degree of familiarity, trust, and goodwill with the dog, Laura began to see the seriousness of the situation in which the dog found himself.

The friendly dog’s damp coat and the fact that she used a hole in the ground as a makeshift bed were both apparent indications that she spent the most of her time in the yard. In addition, she had two empty bowls near the tree, which is an indication that she most likely did not have access to any food or water.


As a direct consequence of this, Laura developed concerns for Takia and began paying more regular trips to the place in order to offer her chained friend some food.

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As the days and visits passed, the faithful dog’s excitement and anticipation for her coming only increased, and she brought him more and more joy each time they saw one other. After a few of days, Takia became familiar with Laura’s car, and he began breaking out into a joyous dance every time he spotted her coming closer.


After the two of them began to develop a wonderful connection with one another, Laura became aware that she needed to take action to save her friend from the precarious situation she was in.

As reported by The Dodo, Laura remarked,

I said, “Oh my God, I have no choice but to accept this puppy.” It’s going to be necessary for me to kidnap her and provide for her in some way. I found myself wondering, is it possible that I may end myself in prison because of this expert?


A few of weeks after she had met Takia, the lady took the choice to inform Animal Control of the situation by getting in contact with them and letting them know about it. However, after making the required visit to the house, they informed him that there was nothing they could do as long as the occupants continued to provide him with a place to sleep, access to water and food, and a roof over his head.

Despite the fact that Laura was inconsolable, she reported to animal control that she intended to continue going to the shelter because she didn’t want to give up her new friend. Because Takia’s bowls were almost always empty once she arrived, she wanted to ensure that she had sufficient amounts of both food and water.

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