Abandoned Dog Doesn’t Want to Leave the Spot Where His Former Owner Left Him


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A heartbreaking story has a happier ending than it could have. It seems someone abandoned a dog near a grocery store in Ukraine since the war broke out there. The sweet, bewildered animal refused to budge from the spot he was left in on the hope that they would soon return for him. After weeks of begging and scrounging for food, Love Furry Friends Rescue learned of the poor animal’s dilemma and went to find him.


Animal Rescue Ukraine

At night the dog would sleep curled up in the leaves scattered about in an effort to find comfort and warmth. As soon as his rescuers arrived, they saw him at the edge of the parking lot gnawing on discarded food that looked to be rotting. It took only a few minutes before he allowed them to reach out and pet him, likely frightened and starved for attention. Even in his filthy state, his tail almost immediately began to wag at the human contact bestowed upon him.

rescue dog ukraine

Abandoned Dogs

A gentle soul with an adorably pronounced underbite, he allowed himself to be scooped up and whisked away by his new heroes. Renamed Lyolik, he was taken for an examination by a veterinarian who determined that he was between 3-4 years old. From there, he was dewormed, vaccinated, and neutered. After that, Lyolik was treated to a spa day where he had his nails trimmed, his matted fur brushed, and a bath, which he seemed to enjoy very much!

Next came a sporty haircut for a fresh, new look, and he was nearly unrecognizable — both physically and emotionally — from the wreck of a dog that entered only hours earlier.

rescue dog ukraine

For the Love of Pets

As with so many of the abandoned animals @lovefurryfriends rescues, Lyolik was taken to a nearby pet store to pick up some supplies for the little fella. He got a matching collar and leash, some yummy treats, and toys to play with. When they were finished with their doggy shopping adventure, Lyolik got to go home with his rescuers and meet their resident dog, which acts as a surrogate for other rescues.

rescue dog ukraine

But she wasn’t the only canine there to greet him. Many of the rescues highlighted in Love Furry Friends’ previous videos were there as well. The dogs stay with them until they can be safely rehomed, which can take a while, given all that is going on in Ukraine right now. But in this case, there was a timely happy ending with Lyolik being adopted quite quickly!

rescue dog ukraine

It’s a Dog’s Beautiful Life

Love Furry Friends reminds viewers of its videos that for just $5, you can help alleviate the unnecessary fear and suffering street animals experience. The transformation of the dogs under their care is nothing short of stunning, but it’s also inspirational. If the work they’re performing can be accomplished while under siege, imagine what can be done under better circumstances.

Please consider helping organizations like GreaterGood Charities and Love Furry Friends in some way today.

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