After being apart for a year, a deaf and blind dog still knows her grandfather as soon as she lays eyes on him.


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When Hayden Kristal first brought Bitsy home five years ago, her father, Steve, expressed anxiety. He worried about the 5-week-old deaf-blind dog’s chances in life and whether or not she would be able to go about on her own.

As soon as Steve laid eyes on the bouncy, cheerful dog, all of his worries melted away.

She has always been her own person, Kristal told The Dodo. When I first got her home, she went straight for the food bowl, climbed in, and gorged herself to the point of passing out.

Bitsy is not at all what her grandfather thought she would be—a helpless dog. She and her mother have explored the United States in several ways, including by canoe, subway, and skateboard. Kristal claims that their dog Bitsy is the most lovable and faithful canine in the world. She is a daredevil with a zest for life and the unknown.

Kristal’s dad has an unwavering, unwavering love for his granddog.

He is her greatest fan and cheerleader,” Kristal said. To paraphrase: “He will gush to anybody who would listen about how lovely she is and how much he loves her.” She loves spending time with him because he treats her like a grandchild and spoils her with sweets and toys.

After last year’s implementation of COVID restrictions, life slowed to a crawl for Bitsy and her mother. One of the most difficult changes for Kristal and Bitsy was having to be apart from family, particularly Kristal’s father.

It took almost a year, but Bitsy was reunited with her grandfather:

Steve was concerned that Bitsy had forgotten him after their extended apart. However, this was far from the reality. Steve Kristal said on Facebook that his dog “absolutely lost her mind with pleasure” when he got close enough to smell. And I’ll second that!

Bitsy has “once again demonstrated that the talents she has are much more astounding than the ones she is lacking,” he said. What an incredible person with a lovely heart. I hope you can see from this video how much we care about one other.

Kristal had always known that her dog’s caregiver would never forget her. And with the family unit restored, it seems as if everyone may breathe a sigh of relief.

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