After being rescued, a shelter puppy and her sister hug for comfort.


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The Animal Charity of Ohio’s operations director, Jane MacMurchy, responded to a call about a family of canines in need.

When she arrived, she saw a 7-year-old mother and her two 5-month-old pups living in a terrible environment. They were alone in a makeshift enclosure and had no idea how to interact with other people.

They obviously had to fend for themselves since their owners did not care for them.

Peaches and Layla, along with their mother, Lady, were rescued after their owners were persuaded to give them up for hours. The household pet was rushed to the animal shelter where veterinarians examined him.

Although Peaches and Layla were in generally in health, they suffered from a lack of self-assurance, particularly when their mother was not around. In the safety of the bunker, they clung to one other. MacMurchy’s heart ached to watch them embrace in solace.

MacMurchy said, “We were conducting the immunizations and wellness check, and mom finished first.” Puppies without their mother were so frightened that they clung to each other as we walked her out to the intake area, “We were walking her out into our intake area.”

Lary has been independent and kind to strangers from the day she was rescued. But she knows that it will take a little longer for her two pups to develop self-assurance.

The tiny family has moved into the shelter together, where they will get the medical attention and human interaction they so sorely need. The staff makes an effort to provide them with downtime many times daily so that they may learn to trust others.

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MacMurchy described Lady as a “wiggle-butt, tail-wagging little darling” who was “simply thrilled to get attention.” Those pups aren’t ready for their new homes just yet. They are comfortable expressing and receiving affection, they wiggle and smile with joy when they are together, and they rely on one another for strength. MacMurchy said, “They rely heavily on one another.”

We would prefer that Peaches and Layla go to a home together when they are old enough for adoption. They receive plenty of hugs and affection from their loved ones and from one other at home.

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