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Woodchuck Gets On Golden Retriever’s Back For A Ride Back To Shore

Water-loving pooch Wally was at the Lake with his family when he returned with something other than his stick. His mother, Lauren Lynde, couldn’t believe her eyes when she found a small animal on the dog’s back …

They Got A Waterslide For The Children, But The Dog Gets In On The Fun

Just imagine you obtain a waterslide for the children at a birthday party and you look outside to see your dog playing on it.

Golden Retriever’s Owners Free-Fed Him, And He Climbed Completely To 150 Pounds

Phil the Golden Retriever had actually seen better days. But this was because of the opposite type of overlook that we usually hear about; The dog was overfed, and his owners ensured his dish was never empty.

Somebody Stole One Of Mother’s Puppies, And She Tried To Convey That To Rescuers

Hope For Paws showed up to save a homeless dog and her puppies, and also they ‘d recognize the mother was trying to tell them something all along.

Dog Dragged Herself From A Restroom Where She Was Attempting To Fend For Herself

Rescuer Irina Moskva appeared on scene to witness a homeless dog emerge from a restroom alongside a deserted highway.

Rescued Great Dane Has Separation Anxiety, So Foster Sis Comforts Him

Tofu the Great Dane was saved and brought right into the home as a foster, but he had bad separation anxiety. He would certainly cry out anytime someone left him house alone.