Copyright Policy

Reporting Copyright Infringement

If you’re the owner of the copyright for a given piece of content, or have permission to act on behalf of the copyright owner, and have flagged any given content that appears on any site we work with on our list below (including our YouTube channel and corresponding Facebook and other social media pages), which includes this Channel (collectively “Channel”), contact us in writing with the information noted below.

Please send your Infringement Notice by email to:

Please use the following subject line: “Notice of Infringement.”  

You can also send any Infringement Notice to us by mail to:

Dog Lovers Us PO Box 229 Elwood, IN 46022

Infringement Notice Content: If you believe any of the content on our Channel infringes copyright, please send us a formal written complaint.

1) a signature of a representative over the owner’s interest

2) Here is a description of the copyrighted work being infringed upon:

3) include the location of any allegedly infringing content in your report, including the URLs of social media pages and/or links

4) We need to know your address, phone number, and email address so that we can provide you with the best customer service possible.

5) We believe the use of this content violates our rights and that’s why we want it taken down.

6) This is a legal document. I’m swearing on the penalty of perjury that its contents are accurate and that I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Video Embedding.  The videos we embed from third-party platforms are linked to their specific terms of service, so click through to learn which rights you grant us for use of your video. Please note: some channels allow content owners to consent to third-party display on the site by enabling or disabling this feature manually. We do not use any video content in any way other than the specific purposes explicitly outlined within our agreement with the hosting provider.

False or Misleading Notices.  We will consider any complaints on a case-by-case basis and decide how to address them. Anybody who submits an infringement notice that contains any fraudulent or misleading information will have automatically forfeited their rights under this policy.

Trademark/Service Mark Policy

If you believe any of the content on this channel violates your trademark or service mark, please send us an email in English. There is only one thing that can be changed so that copyright information applies to the trademark or service mark instead.

We are aware of the global trademark laws and would never post content that violates them. One thing to know is that we do not keep track of who owns any specific trademark. If you believe there is something on our Channel infringing on your rights, please reach out to us and we’ll gladly look into it. We will remove or disable access to inappropriate content upon receipt of the required information in line with our copyright infringement notice.