Dog in Horrific Condition Cries After Receiving Sustenance for the First Time in Weeks, but a Happy Ending Was Waiting for Him


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After weeks of laying near a fence too weak to move, a sweet dog in horrific condition literally cried in relief after being offered water and food. This is the kind of stuff that makes you want to cry yourself but thank goodness for happy endings! According to the video overlay, neighbors claimed the animal had been lying there for three weeks, trying to stay out of the sun’s glare. They also said that occasionally the owner would provide the dog with some food. Covered in ticks, the poor pup tried to struggle to an upright position after receiving the life-saving sustenance.


Animal Rescue Stories

The dog would eventually be taken to a veterinarian to figure out why he couldn’t get up, beyond weakness from lack of nutrition and extreme dehydration. While that could easily be enough, his rescuers suspected more was going on. Given the name Arhat, he slowly seemed to regain some strength and the will to live. As the story goes, the kind-hearted folks who came to his rescue just happened to hear about him while they were at a store. What they were told led them to immediately investigate to see if there was any truth to the story and if they could provide any assistance.


Rescue Animal Adoptions

His snout appeared blistered from the sun and infested with parasites, but the skin would eventually heal, and the hair would grow back. Once Arhat could safely travel, he was brought to a vet to be evaluated. After blood tests and x-rays were completed, it was discovered that his vertebrae had developed unevenly, severely impacting his quality of life. This may have been why his former owner had basically abandoned him to a life of suffering. The surgeon he was brought to said the problem was congenital and surgery couldn’t be performed.


Miracles Can Happen

The doctor explained that Arhat needed exercise to help strengthen him, but Arhat didn’t want to comply initially. His rescuers had other ideas, though. Another week passed, and Arhat continued to improve to some extent, but it was a visitor’s arrival that seemed to make a difference. It was another dog named Tagir. From there, his training journey began in earnest, and he was outfitted with a set of wheels to get him started on the road to walking.

After 10 long months of hard work and a number of tears on the part of Arhat’s new family, things started to pay off, and he began to walk on his own. Although haltingly at first, he continued to improve gradually. He now leads a relatively normal life with people who love and appreciate him. An extremely sad case, it ultimately had a happy ending for Arhat and his new pet parents.

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