Dog Who Was Abused Deserves Every Moment Of His Healing Bath


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Rudy the Pit Bull is the kind of dog who, if anybody is deserving of a soothing soak, it’s him. In November of 2016, he was discovered discarded in a plastic bucket and was in a terrible condition when he was brought to a shelter in New York City.

He had very little fur left on him, and his skin was covered with deep sores that most likely resulted from his being burnt with battery acid and receiving several igaree burns.

In addition to this, he was unable to walk because his front leg had been severely broken. He has Cushing’s disease, which remained undiagnosed for a long time, which makes his situation more worse than it currently is.

Courtney Bellew, the director of the Northeast branch of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR), came to the rescue of the animal after the municipal shelter placed a rescue request with them.

Despite the fact that Courtney is used to caring for animals in serious condition, the sight of Rudy shattered her heart. She said to the Huffington Post that the condition of his front leg was so poor that she decided against photographing it.

Rudy was also affected emotionally by the traumatic experience. On its Facebook page, the organization said, “It is a wonder that this shattered youngster survived.” Rudy was thankful and nothing but a lovebug from the moment that we rescued him, despite the fact that he was absolutely afraid and uncertain of a gentle human touch at first.

The use of medicinal baths has been one item that has been of great assistance to Rudy.

A video was posted online showing Rudy receiving one of his unique spa treatments. These baths are assisting in the healing of Rudy’s skin and fur.

Please be patient as the video may take a few seconds to load completely.

Fortunately, his foster parents are veterinarians, so they will be able to provide him with any and all medical care he needs while he recovers.

They also have a beautiful farm property in New England, which serves as a place for his soul to mend as he is surrounded by affection. His days are full with pals, including toddlers, canines, felines, and other barnyard animals like Harold the lamb.

“Rudy’s eyes are full with love and optimism, and he has a way of immediately catching your heart when he looks at you,” Courtney told HuffPost. “He has a way of grabbing your heart when he looks at you.” As you witnessed with his spa sessions, he has always valued being pampered and continues to do so even now, as seen by the previous sentence. I can’t express how thankful I am that we are able to provide him a nice life.

And right up to the moment he passed away, they continued to live their best lives for him. As a follow-up to the earlier article, I’m sad to report that I’ve discovered Rudy has gone away as a result of the problems brought on by his spinal condition.

Before Rudy’s passing, SNARR and his foster family pampered him as much as they were able to before he was no longer with them. I am grateful that Rudy was able to spend his last months in the company of those who loved him.


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