Dog without front legs is abandoned on the side of the road by a woman who then speeds off.


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The Brazilian authorities are looking into a report of animal abuse in which a lady allegedly abandoned her crippled dog on the side of the road before fleeing the scene.

The occurrence was recorded on a security film, which, once uploaded on the internet, quickly gained widespread attention.

The lady could be seen coming up in her white automobile in the neighborhood of So Leopoldo in Port Alegre on the CCTV footage. She brought the vehicle to a halt and then opened the door for the passenger in the rear seat. She took a white dog by the scruff of his neck and placed him on the pavement next to the vehicle as a black dog sprang out of the car.

After that, she instructed the black dog to go back inside the vehicle and close the door to the trunk. The white dog is unable to utilize his front legs because they are misshapen and he has no control over them. He attempted to go back to the car by standing on his hind legs, but the lady pulled him away from the vehicle, and the unfortunate dog ended up falling on his face as a result.

The lady went back to her vehicle and drove off quickly, leaving the disabled dog to chase after it while it was in motion. It was discovered that the lady had abandoned the dog on the street where her husband’s workplace was located. The wife’s husband came upon the stray dog in the middle of the road and brought him to the Secretariat of Animal Protection (Sempa).

The owners of the dog called Tintin deserted him for a second time within the span of a single day. The guy claimed to the animal shelter that he discovered the dog on the sidewalk, but he left out the fact that the puppy was already in his possession.

After being approached by the local shelter to check if it was her dog, Ana Paula Scherer, who has a dog without front legs called Berlin, shared the video on her Facebook page. The shelter had contacted her to see if it was her dog. More than thirteen million people have seen the video, all of whom are demanding the worst possible punishment for the callous mother.

Secretary Anderson Ribeiro gave the public the assurance that anybody who was interested in adopting Tintin would be subjected to a comprehensive interview, as well as a house inspection and a genealogy research. They are in no hurry to find him a family and have assured him that they would take care of him until the right one comes along.

“He has an issue with his paws, so as a result, he drags his neck around the floor quite a bit. In order to protect the adoptee’s neck from injury, the adopter’s home should have tiled flooring with no cracks or grooves. Ribeiro said that they wanted a mindful adoption.

The animal shelter wants to bring awareness to dogs who have unique requirements and has said that there are more than 60 canines in need of permanent homes.

The investigation into the event is still ongoing, and the authorities are at this time requesting testimonies from witnesses. Abuse of animals may result in a sentence of between three months and a year in prison in addition to a fine. It is never an option to give up a pet as a remedy. If you are unable to care for your pet anymore, the local animal shelter would appreciate it if you would bring them there. They have earned the chance to be cared for in a home.

Watch the video below to see the harrowing moment for yourself.


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