Dogs On Duty: Yorkie Bravely Protects 10-Year-Old Girl From A Coyote AttackBy Todd Jacobs


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Lily Kwan, a ten-year-old girl, was walking through her Toronto neighborhood with her Yorkshire Terrier, Macy, when a coyote appeared and started to give chase. While Kwan screamed for help, the six-year-old Yorkie boldly sprung into action, attempting to keep the coyote at bay (via CTV News).

Kwan had seen Facebook postings of coyotes approaching children in the area. Coming face-to-face with one left her understandably afraid.


“And I thought, oh my gosh, what is going to happen, because the other day I saw Facebook postings of the same coyote chasing kids, biting one kid, and I thought, am I next, what is going to happen to me?” Kwan stated.

She went on to say that she “ran to the sidewalk and started screaming for help,” but nobody came to her aid. But Macy wouldn’t allow her human to face the coyote on her own.

In the video, which you can watch at the top of this article, Macy has no fear of the coyote, and her only goal is to keep Kwan safe.

“She’s a super brave dog, I love her so much and I just thought this tiny dog could protect this huge human being trying to fight off this huge coyote,” Kwan said.

‘My Dog Would Do Anything For Our Family’

Kwan’s mother, Dorothy Kwan, told the outlet that she isn’t shocked by Macy’s heroics. “My dog would do anything for our family so I’m actually not surprised that she did that,” she said, before discussing the incident.

“I would never guess that a coyote would come out during the day and especially with someone screaming and yelling. It still was not fazed, it just kept coming after her and our dog, despite all the yelling. It was quite aggressive,” she continued.

Unfortunately, Macy suffered injuries while fending off the coyote including “eight large puncture wounds” that require surgery.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched, and Macy, at the time of this writing, has received $36,000 – over three times more than her $10,000 goal – from dog lovers around the world.

Tips To Protect Your Dog From A Coyote Attack

Coyote while crossing the street into Sequoia National ParkCoyote while crossing the street into Sequoia National Park

(Picture Credit: Fabiomichelecapelli/Getty Images)

Random coyote attacks, even in residential neighborhoods, can happen. But these guidelines can help you keep your dog safe:

  • Fence in your yard. Make sure the fence is high, secure, and blocks the view of your dog. This will not prevent all attacks, but it can reduce the chances.
  • Always keep an eye on your dog when they are outside, even if your yard is fenced in. Coyotes can climb fences.
  • Get an outdoor light.
  • Don’t leave food or garbage outside around your home.
  • Avoid places where coyotes can hide, such as underbrush or bushes.
  • Always stay on-leash for walks.
  • Be calm, be big, be loud. Most coyotes will back down if they sense you’re a threat.
  • Report sightings in your area. This can help others stay aware and call animal control if needed.

What other tips do you have for protecting dogs from coyote attacks? Have you ever encountered a coyote with your dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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