Highway Patrol Rescues Injured Dog On The Road And Offers Her A Forever Home


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It was a turn of luck for one stray dog who was suffering from the heat on the side of the road. Not only was the poor pooch picked up by a Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper, but she was also adopted by the kind-hearted trooper.

The dog, now named Princess, had collapsed on the side of the road in 96-degree Fahrenheit heat when she was spotted by a passing person, Kaye Fiorello.

Fiorella alerted Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Pumpy Tudors, who showed up at the scene to see how he could help the suffering animal.


As soon as he got to the scene, he got to work. According to a Facebook post by Fiorello, Tudors improvised a water bottle for Princess using a koolaid jug he had in his car.

While Princess was initially scared and shy, she was too weak to run away from the scene. However, she did take advantage of the fresh water that Tudors offered her. In addition, Tudors also got out an umbrella and sat beside Princess in order to provide her with shade from the sun. He stayed by her side, slowly gaining her trust until he was able to pick her up and get her to a shelter for help.

Princess received medical attention at the shelter, but ultimately, she was adopted by Tudors. It was joyous news that was shared on Facebook by the Tennessee Highway Patrol on the Facebook page where they wrote:

“Today was #Ruff for #MansBestFriend. Thanks to a #GoodSamaritan, a Trooper was alerted to a dog in need on this hot summer day. The dog was on the side of #Interstate75 parched and desperately needing water and shelter from the heat. Now, this sweet pup is being TREATed well at Cleveland TN Animal Control.”

The person who’d first seen Princess and alerted Tudors to the situation – Kaye Fiorello – shared her story in a Facebook post of her own where she explained, “I was driving up 75, and saw the trooper in the turnout…checked my speed, oh I’m good. A few minutes later, I see a dog in the ditch by one of the signs for exit 20. She looked bad. I was in left lane, heading to an appointment, and was torn. I decided I would go back southbound and risk a ticket by going to the turnout. I turned in and the trooper was still there! Yay! He rolled down his window and said ‘yep! I’m here’ to which i told him about the dog and I didn’t want a ticket, but if I could help that dog, it was fine by me. He just asked where the dog was and was on his way! I followed and we found her. Still there, panting like she was fixing to die.”

But the best news was where Fiorello added, “Princess will join the Tudors family when she gets out of the vet hospital! YES! trooper Tudors and his family have adopted her!”

What a lucky little dog Princess is! Hopefully, she lives a long and happy life with her new forever family!

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