Huge Snake Wraps Itself Around A Pet Dog, Suffocating Him, But Brave Boys Fight It Off With Sticks Until It Leaves.


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This is the moment when three young boys confidently approach a large snake that has curled itself around the lower body and the back legs of their much-loved dog.

In a video, the three boys can be seen attempting to free their dog from the snake as the eldest kid uses what seems to be a metal table leg to try to pin the snake’s head to the ground. Meanwhile, the two younger boys try to encourage the snake to let their dog go by throwing large leaves at it.

As the dog watches its human companions fight the reptile, it seems to be more confused than frightened by the conflict.

The younger child makes use of the pole to force the head of the snake into the ground, while the older boy and his two friends make an attempt to unravel the serpent, which seems to be a difficult task at first.

They ultimately succeeded in reducing the snake’s hold on the dog by holding both ends of the snake and pulling in opposite directions, which allowed the dog to break free of the snake’s grasp for long enough for it to go away.

The dog did not seem to have any wounds as a result of the event.

The older, bigger lad then calmly and proudly lifts the writhing snake up by its head, despite the fact that the serpent’s length is more than his own.

It is not known what will become of the snake.

There is a lack of clarity on the location of the video’s filming.


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