In only two weeks, a golden retriever travels more than 60 miles to get home.


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This heartwarming tale is reminiscent of a real-life version of “The Incredible Journey,” and it demonstrates how caring and devoted dogs really are.

In the Chinese city of Qidong, Jiangsu province, there was a golden retriever by the name of Ping An who was having the time of her life with her doting family.

However, one day her family broke the news to her that she was going to spend some time living in a different location.

Ping An’s family had to conduct some repairs on their home, and in order to keep Ping An safe while the work was being done, they planned to have her reside with some friends of theirs during the time that the work was being done.

They loaded up the lovely golden into their vehicle and drove their friend’s house, which was located two hours away.

Ping An would be protected from harm and given excellent care at that location; after a few months, she would be able to go back to her own home.

After saying their last goodbyes to their cherished daughter, her family returned home to get started on the renovations.

In her new, temporary home, Ping An was showered with all of the love and care that she required. Nevertheless, despite all of this, she couldn’t help but feel a tremendous amount of homesickness.

She thought about her loved ones all the time and could not shake the feeling that she had been separated from them.

After a grueling period of four months, she finally reached her breaking point and gave up.

As a result, she departed.

When they learned that Ping An had vanished, the family’s acquaintances were understandably shaken out. They were concerned for her well-being and believed that she may have been disoriented and wandered off someplace.

They were unable to fathom the possibility that Ping An was in fact returning to her residence.

Ping An walked, walked, and walked some more for the better part of two weeks. The only thing that was going through her mind was that she had to go back to her family as soon as possible.

Ping An had walked more than 62 kilometers by the time it was ended because she was unstoppable and nothing could stop her.

At this time, the adorable kid was staggering and bleeding, suffering from acute malnutrition, and seeming to be absolutely spent.

She had every intention of carrying on with her journey, but thankfully, she was saved by some good Samaritans who tracked down her owners.

After that, Ping An was transferred to the veterinarian, where she fortunately made a complete recovery.

Her family was so impressed by her commitment and her faithfulness that they vowed they would never send her away again.

It is very clear that Ping An values her family above all else, and she has shown the lengths to which she is willing to travel in order to be with them.

We are overjoyed to hear that Ping Ann is recovering well and that she has been reunited with her family. We are also certain that her family must consider themselves very fortunate to have the affection of such a remarkable dog as Ping Ann.


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