Injured Dog Finally Rescued After Living At Construction Site For 6 Months


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For the past six months an injured dog managed to survive at a hotel construction site thanks to a kindhearted worker who made sure she had food.

Evan Daniel, the man who looked after the dog, called several different animal rescues for help. He was unable to completely earn the scared dog’s trust and touch her. He was afraid she would be left behind when the construction was complete, so he reached out to Hope for Paws who immediately responded.


Eldad and Loreta, founders of Hope for Paws, drove two hours to the location and spent hours trying to catch her. “The first few moments of the rescue seemed promising as if this is going to be EASY, but it definitely wasn’t,” stated Eldad.

They refused to give up and their patience and perseverance paid off.


They first tried to win the dog’s trust by feeding her some tasty food, but the timid dog ran off limping at the slightest sound and hid in a bush. They were finally able to catch her with a net and safely transport her to a veterinary clinic in Los Angeles.


The sweet girl was named Polly. She was matted and covered in feces and dirt. Loreta carefully trimmed away the matted hair and gave her a much-needed bath.


After being examined by a vet, it was revealed that she had two broken ribs.


Smooch Pooch Rescue volunteered to care and foster Polly. The resilient pup has recovered and transformed into a loving and playful dog. She is now ready to find a loving home. The rescue believes she is roughly a year old and a Pekinese mix. The 11-pound dog gets along well with other small dogs and doesn’t seem to mind cats. Her ideal home would be a calm household with parents who are home often and another small dog to play with. She would also love a backyard to run around in.

“Polly is housebroken and is learning to walk on a leash as she is scared of sudden noises. Polly is shy with new people and it takes time for her to warm up but she is a very sweet girl,” wrote the rescue.


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