Missing Dog Returns Home Ten Years After Disappearing


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Abby, a black Labrador mix, disappeared ten years ago, but much to her family’s amazement, she suddenly resurfaced. Abby’s disappearance came as a complete shock.

The long-lost dog turned discovered on a man’s porch at a property in Apollo, Pennsylvania, which is just 10 miles away from the location where she was seen by her family for the last time. After her daughter Abby went missing more than a decade ago, Abby’s mother, Debra Suierveld, was certain that her daughter had passed away.

In the footage that follows, Debra can be heard saying, “We believed she had died away.” “It seems as if a portion of my children’s youth as well as a portion of our family has been reinstated. It’s a very cool thing to do.”

The last time Debra saw Abby, she was outside in the rear of their house playing with her children near the woods. After then, she disappeared until George Spiering saw her in front of his home. After that, she reappeared. George adds, “There is this large dog on the porch precisely where you walk up,” and he means exactly where you enter the house. After George contacted the authorities and an animal rescue organization, both were relieved to learn that Abby has a microchip.

Abby quickly found herself back with her ecstatic family not long after that. There hasn’t been much of a shift in Abby. She is still kind, unruffled, and in fine physical condition. She has always been properly taken care of, no matter where she has gone. Additionally, Debra recalls that she still has the same mannerisms.

According to Debra, the dog “would lay on the floor and cross her paws, and she recalls my daughter’s orders and she remembers the ones I gave her.”

The joke that circulates throughout the family is that Abby must have been participating in the government’s witness protection program. They are overjoyed at her homecoming and want to throw a party to celebrate her arrival home shortly, inviting all of her family members.


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