Neglected Husky Trapped In Backyard Is Finally Freed After Years Of Loneliness


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Our hearts really go out to dogs that don’t have the companions they need or deserve in life. Those of us who have dogs by our side realize that they not only crave companionship, they are the best companions we could have.

Perhaps that is why someone was so concerned when they noticed that their neighbor’s dog was being neglected. The dog was a husky, named Joey, and he was left outside 24 hours a day.


According to The Asher House, that neighbor, who also turned out to be a Good Samaritan, didn’t let the situation go. She contacted Lee with The Asher House, and he decided to do some investigating on his own.

During the time that she was watching the dog, the neighbor was feeding Joey through the fence. She talked to the owners of the dog and tried to convince them that he needed additional care but they didn’t want to give the dog up.


When Lee came over to help in whatever way he could with Joey, they wondered why the family was neglecting the dog. Lee fed the dog through the fence and then wanted to meet him for the first time face-to-face.

In the video, you can really see that Joey was excited to have some human interaction. From this initial meeting, Joey was eventually allowed to go out for a walk with Lee and the good Samaritan neighbor said that she didn’t give up on the dog the entire time.


Eventually, they were able to get Joey over to The Asher House. It’s always nice to have a happy ending.

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