One-Plus Years and Counting: Rescue Dog Bessie Needs New Digs Stat!


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The uncertainty of homelessness can bring on all sorts of feelings, especially if you don’t fully understand what’s going on. Imagine living in limbo for a year or more. As humans, it would obviously be stressful, but for the most part, we are the captain of our own ships with the ability to make certain decisions about our future. For pets, they’re just along for the ride and don’t understand being passed off from one situation to the next.

That’s the issue facing long-term shelter animals that, for whatever reason, find themselves stuck for years on end waiting for the stability of a forever home.

shelter dog

Bessie the Shelter Dog

Meet Bessie, a 3-year-old black and white pit bull and Australian cattle dog mix with the most adorable freckles on her snout. Bessie has been waiting for more than a year for permanent digs so she can finally have some security in her life. She’s a special girl searching for someone who understands her needs and can keep her safe and loved. Described as an affectionate, playful pup, she originally came to Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson with a pal in 2020. In her prior home, she was housebroken, and her owners described her as a very sweet girl who loves hot dogs, playing, and snuggling.

shelter dog

Rescue Dogs Rock

Bessie, who’s a tad tubby at 75 pounds, was adopted two more times after her initial return to the shelter but hasn’t found her perfect fit with adequate exercise. In her most recent home, she did well with other resident dogs (big and small) and was described as a sweet, playful girl who loves squeaky toys. She’s received rave reviews from a number of PACC volunteers.

“Bessie is a LOVE with her person. Playful. Affectionate. Sweet. She rocks the muzzle. It’s hard to reconcile that dog with the dog she is when meeting people while on a leash, which she struggles with tremendously. She needs a home where she has guidance every step of the way.”


“Bessie takes time to warm up to new people, new dogs, and new situations, but once you are her friend, she will be your friend for life. Bessie will need an experienced partner to help her adjust, but with a little patience, she will gain confidence and become a loving, loyal, and trusted companion.”

rescue dog

Shelter Pets & Stress

Bessie is struggling in the shelter environment and is looking for an experienced, savvy, forever person. Staff at PACC believe she’ll do best in a quiet home without constant activity and visitors. She’s done well sharing her kennel with another shelter pup, but she’ll need a proper introduction to any resident dogs. If you can help give Bessie the stability she needs and deserves and can work with her on building confidence and modifying her behavior in new situations, please ask about her today. Her ID# is A702383 and she’s in kennel D120.

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