People Cruising Down The Freeway Spot Loose Dog On The Back Of A Flatbed Truck


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It’s hard to believe that people believe it’s safe for their dogs to ride in the back of their vehicles, but it’s reported by the Humane Society that over 100,000 dogs per year die due to falling out of the moving cars. Even worse, people recently spotted a dog unrestrained on the back of a flatbed truck hanging on for its life.

As the person drove at rates of 70mph down the Utah freeway, people were surprised and revolted seeing this take place. Sadly, there’s absolutely nothing illegal about it. The only way an owner can face charges is if the dog gets injured or dies in the process.

The Humane Society of Utah, that published the initial video clip to their Facebook page, has introduced legislation in the past to ban driving around with pets in the back of trucks but was not able to get it passed as a law. Canines who get hurt as a result of this unthinkable act are after that often left as their owners don’t want to pay for the injuries.

Hopefully this gets passed as a law quicker rather than later. In the meantime, let’s share these stories to let people know just how dangerous it is to travel this way.

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