Pitbull Returned To The Shelter Three Times Becomes A Hero


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Life can be difficult when you are a pitbull and your owners keep dropping you off at the shelter. Nobody knows this better than Harold, a pitbull who was returned to the shelter not once but three times.

It really takes somebody with a soft heart to adopt such a dog and to take a chance.


If you ask anyone who has ever adopted a dog before, however, they will tell you that it is the best decision and it always turns out with love in the end.

According to Harold’s story told by Cuddle Buddies, Marlena was a new volunteer at the shelter who saw Harold come in. When she learned that there was something special about Harold, she knew that she had to do the right thing.


As it turns out, the last time Harold was dropped at the shelter, he alerted volunteers to six puppies that were in the dumpster. Those puppies would not have survived if they weren’t revealed by this lovely pitbull.

After spending some time with Harold, Marlena felt a connection to him so she adopted him. Not long after she brought Harold home, she learned that he had separation anxiety and he also had a difficult time relaxing.


Although the first two days were challenging for Marlena and Harold, she took her time and waited until things worked out. It wasn’t long before Harold was showing the type of dog he truly could be, and Marlena wouldn’t have it any other way.

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