Poor Dog and her nine two-week-old puppies were found in a parking lot abandoned.


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I will never be able to understand how some people can treat their pets like they are useless trash since I have sympathy for all living things.

It goes without saying that every situation is different. Even while some people have a strong bond with their animals but are unable to care for them properly, this is not a justification for leaving them in a remote location.

In Abilene, Texas, a poor dog and her nine young puppies were abandoned in a church parking lot. When she was abandoned, the dog was by herself.

The unhappy new puppy mother had just given birth when she and her nine pups were left for a lengthy period of time without food or water.

Following the social media posting of the 5-year-old boxer mix mother and her puppies, kind-hearted people expressed an interest in adopting the cute family.

The placard said, “Dumped in a church parking lot in Abilene.” Every Rescue has used up all of its resources. Foster is urgently needed. Please. Emerging situations, according to the forum thread.

When Paw Angel Animal Rescue witnessed the situation, they knew they had no option but to help the caring mother and her young children.

“I saw the picture, and it just absolutely shattered my heart,” said Misty Boerger. Angel and I went to rescue the dogs when I called her.

The mother dog and her puppies were picked up by Angel Urban and Misty Boerger, who then put them in the trunk of their car.

I simply don’t know how someone could do that, leave behind mom and two-week-old children, Misty said in an email.

The sweet puppy mother, later given the name Dory, needed immediate medical attention.

We found many open wounds on her that were draining, Angel said, referring to the sufferer.

Unluckily, the vet discovered a tumor in the neck of one of her pups, and the animal had to be put to sleep as a consequence.

Misty decided to isolate the pups for a period of two weeks since she was aware that they required care 24 hours a day.

“Mom and the puppies are now safe. They will stay with me for the next two weeks before moving on to a foster home that will serve as their permanent residence.

Misty made a donation request for the furry family, saying, “The smaller baby will need more attention and care, and I can tube feed.” “After the mother has been spayed and the animals have been neutered, they will be placed for adoption.”

A Facebook page called “From Abandoned to Diva: Dory’s Story” was created to share the tale of this brave furry mother and her offspring. Compared to how she seemed when she was abandoned, the devoted mother dog now seems like a different animal.

We will always be grateful to those who take the time to care for animals; they are unsung heroes in our eyes.


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