Puppies Were Found Left In A Box, Helpless To Escape the Horrific Parasite


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Vida and Vail were taken to an animal shelter in Houston, Texas, but neither of them could stand on their own for reasons that no one could figure out.

The Great Pyrenees Rescue organization brought the Great Pyrenees siblings to safety, and that’s when they learned the reason why. Both had a condition known as neosporosis, which is an infection caused by a parasite.

According to information provided to The Dodo by a veterinary technician working at Tech Ridge Pet Hospital named Kickie D’Alfonso, “the parasite hooks to the nerve endings and slowly climbs up the spinal column to the brain, where it generally kills them.” However, they were able to put a stop to it since they discovered it at an early stage.

Vida and Vail were sent to D’Alfonso to recuperate at his facility, which is named D’Alfonso House of Hounds & Hooves, and it is dedicated to the rehabilitation of canines that have unique requirements.

After the procedure, none of the puppies made an excessive effort to walk, as you can see. On the other hand, the D’Alfonso pack assisted in the recuperation of their newest pals….

Vail has improved to the point that she is now prepared to go on to a permanent foster home after receiving assistance from a group of four or five other dogs. Vida’s recovery is taking longer than expected, but she is appreciative that she received assistance when she needed it the most.

According to what D’Alfonso told the Dodo, “Now she is lively, and she wants to engage with everyone.” “I placed the food in the kennels, and when they see me fetch the dog bowls, they now go racing into the kennels,” you say. “I put the food in the kennels.”

Despite the hyperextension of their legs, Vida and Vail are presently focusing on improving their confidence when walking.

You will be able to follow Vida and Vail’s progress here, even though they won’t be available for adoption until they have completely healed from their injuries.

Who is to say what may have transpired in the event that these pups had not had surgery to have the parasites removed? Vida and Vail will be eternally grateful to individuals such as D’Alfonso who helped them out when they were in a bind and sorely needed assistance.


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