Rescued Dog Adopts Three Orphaned Kittens after Losing Her Puppies


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They gave the dog the name Georgia after the location where they found her, which was a gas station in Rocky Point. The staff from Sunshine Dog Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona, found her and brought her to the shelter where she now resides.

They were saddened to learn that Georgia was going to have pups, but sadly, none of the puppies survived. According to ABC Arizona, all of them were prematurely delivered.

According to Anita Osa, the founder of Sunshine Dog Rescue, Georgia was devastated and despondent after the loss of all of her pups.


Says Anita

“I have never seen a mother suffer the loss of her whole litter. The word that most accurately describes how she was feeling is “frenzied,” and with good reason. She was in such a state of heartbreak that it drove her to go looking for those babies. She ripped up the toddler mattress that we had bought for her so that she could look for her young.


Anita sent out a call for help on social media, asking if anybody knew of any animals who were in need of a nursing mother. She did this in the hopes that Georgia would begin the process of recovering from her injuries, both physically and psychologically.


They discovered three newborn kittens who had been left alone and were in dire need of a mother to care for them and nurture them.

Anita was first dubious as to whether or not a dog would be willing to adopt infants, so she was taken away when she saw the strong relationship that soon grew between Georgia and the three foster kittens that she was caring for.

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Says Anita

They were warmly greeted by me. After I had taken the first one and let her have a whiff, she returned with the rest. It seemed as if she was okay with it. Amazingly, she managed to regulate her worry straight immediately. It’s possible that Georgia’s cats don’t realize that she’s really a dog.


Anita continued:

She feeds them breast milk to her children. The connection is strong, despite the fact that she tries all in her can to clean them up. It is very remarkable to see how much care and attention she gives to the kittens, as if they were her very own little children.

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