Restaurant Owner Prepares Free Food For Every Homeless Dog That Visits


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Ajilalo, a Peruvian restaurant owned by Gerardo Ortiz, has had a very special and sometimes off-putting patron for the past five years. A hungry homeless dog that was walking the streets decided to stop at the restaurant’s entrance. He had a sweet smile on his face.

Gerardo could have easily sent the stray dog away, but instead he gave him a scrumptious free lunch that was specially made for him. The man began a charming habit that has persisted ever since. Every day after that, the famished dog receives a free dinner at Gerardo’s restaurant.

But it didn’t take long for the man’s kindness and goodwill to spread to the numerous stray dogs in the community. Soon, other canines started to show up, and of course, Gerardo provided them with a sumptuous supper to greet them.

Many homeless dogs, some of which are regular customers and others who drop by by coincidence, frequent Gerardo and his café. Of course, they all have one thing in common: thanks to the kind man’s generous gift of food, they are all able to satisfy their hunger.

While at work, the man frequently encounters a new dog as he checks to see whether the rumor that he may get a free supper there is true.

While at work, the man frequently encounters a new dog as he checks to see whether the rumor that he may get a free supper there is true.

Your human customers are ecstatic about the actions of their favorite restaurant owner. Their efforts to feed the hungry canines who frequent the spot periodically relocate them.

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The Dodo heard Gerardo say this:

They are the best customers, in my opinion. Fortunately, our customers have responded favorably to dogs. They get along well with them.

Gerardo promises:

They don’t give us cash, but they do give us joy and wagging tails in exchange. They are really grateful, and we would rather give than get. Since I was a small child, animals have captured my attention. My mother instilled in us the value of being kind toward both people and animals. She serves as my motivation.

This charming man explains to us how a heroic deed may change an animal’s life. They illustrate the value of their life via their actions, which Gerardo is happy to do every day by enjoying his meals.

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