Sad Dog Gets Another Shot at Motherhood After Losing Her Pups


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A pregnant canine who was left alone has very little chance of survival. While it’s great that she was rescued, her puppies didn’t stand a chance.

She was given the name Milo by the staff at the Sunshine Dog Rescue, which is located in Arizona, not far from the border with Mexico. Unfortunately, as was to be predicted, Milo gave birth to her puppies too soon, and they all died.

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Milo was distraught and wailing when the puppies were born. She was restless and was looking for her puppies. The rescuers devised a strategy to help mend her broken heart because they felt responsible for her suffering.

They made a social media post asking if anyone knew of any abandoned puppies. They didn’t find any pups, but they did find three abandoned kittens. Quick action was made to save the kittens.

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Milo was slowly exposed to each kitten individually to gauge her reaction. Happily, she embraced them and settled in to begin nursing and caring for them as though they were her offspring.

Georgia was immediately smitten with the kittens, and she treated them gently and with great care. She was very nurturing, and she cared for her kittens if they were her own. She would care for them like she would her own puppies, feeding, cleaning, and nurturing them.

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Bottle feeding from the rescue helped supplement what Milo and the kittens were getting from their mother. She welcomed the kittens back with open arms after they returned from getting bottle fed.

She developed a deep connection with a little kitten she named Gumball. She maintained close proximity to Gumball. She plainly preferred Gumball to the other kittens, as she always insisted on keeping her close by even when she let the others explore the world outside the kitty pool.

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