Save A Dog: Oil Rig Workers Find A Dog Swimming In The Gulf Of Thailand 135 Miles From ShoreBy Beth Meadows


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Petroleum Production platform in offshore in oil industry.Petroleum Production platform in offshore in oil industry.

(Picture Credit: paranyu pithayarungsarit/Getty Images)

The world seems full of bad news, lately. However, there are exceptions that can amaze us and give us hope. In this case, a happy story comes to us from Thailand where a dog was rescued by workers on an oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand, some 135 miles off the country’s southern coast.

How did the dog get there? Where did he come from? Why was he swimming so far from shore? It’s all a mystery.


Luckily, the workers managed to save the pup from the waves, and they even captured some amazing pictures and video of the whole thing.

The Oil Rig Crew Saves The Pooch

Four members of the oil rig crew, including offshore planner Vitisak Payalaw, saw the dog swim up to the rig and cling fast to it. Video footage taken by Payalaw shows the dog shivering and clearly exhausted.

He said that once they saw the dog, they were in a race against time to save him, as the sea was growing rougher.

Thankfully it only took the team around 15 minutes to secure the pup with a rope and lift him to safety.

Once rescued, the workers provided the dog with food and water to help him recover. As he rested and ate, he gradually began to get his strength back.

Within a day and a half he was behaving like a happy, healthy, normal dog. The crew, now attached to the pooch, named him Boonrod.

Boonrod Gets Back To Dry Land And Finds A Home

Boonrod has since gone ashore and was cared for by the rescue group Watchdog Thailand in the Songkhla province. The Associated Press reported that he is “in good shape.” In fact, video footage shows a happy and smiling Boonrod as he is being greeted by admirers and veterinarians upon his return to shore.

Vitisak Payalaw, one of the crew who originally found the dog, has plans of adopting Boonrod, himself, once he returns from working on the rig in April.

How the dog ended up so far offshore is anyone’s guess. The Bangkok Post speculated that the dog may have fallen from a fishing vessel, but seeing as no one has claimed the animal, we can’t be certain of what happened.

What matters now is that Boonrod is safe and happy with a home waiting for him in the not-too-distant future.

How do you think Boonrod ended up so far from shore? Are you happy to see him safe and ready for a forever home? Let us know in the comments below!

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