Staycation Pet Program in Charlotte Allows Dog Lovers Fun Short-Term Visits


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Take a puppy for a staycation or daycation through a Charlotte pet program!

Do you have the room in your heart and home to assist shelter dogs in need through Charlotte Animal Care and Control’s “Staycation” and “Daycation” pet programs? They allow residents to take in furry friends for short-term stays and visits at their own convenience.

The program is invaluable when the shelter is at or near full capacity, which happened far more times in 2022 than they’d care to remember. Freeing up room in the city’s kennels creates space for additional pets in need while lowering the chance the shelter will have to consider euthanasia. Here’s what to know in order to help:


Doggy Staycations

Charlotte Animal Care and Control‘s Staycation program allows Charlotte residents to take in shelter dogs on a temporary basis in order to help alleviate overcrowding issues at the facility while giving the pups some quality one-on-one time in a comfy home environment free of the stresses a kennel can bring on. All canines — except those in “pre-adoption kennels” or dogs that have disqualifying “behavior or medical issues” — are eligible for staycations.

The best part is that all residents are eligible to bring home a dog, and are welcome to come by during the regular business hours to check out the fur babies in their care. There’s no need to make an appointment in advance or to fill out an application to take home a dog for a short stay, but interested parties will be required to show ID and sign a waiver.

“Just be sure to come with enough time to meet the dog and check them out,” Animal Care and Control notes. “You do not need to bring your own leash and collar but it is encouraged, as our supplies may run low due to the popularity of this program.”

For the Staycation program, dogs are expected to be returned to the shelter after five days. If you fall in love with them during their visit, you have the option of adopting the animal free of charge rather than returning it.

dog park

Doggo Daycations

Another option is their Daycation Program, where willing participants can check a pooch out for day visits and trips. These can mean the world to dogs that are starving for attention and mental/physical stimulation. You can take them for a walk, a trip to the dog park, or even a refreshing and delicious Puppachino! It’s basically providing doggy daycare for canines.

“If you can dedicate a full or even half a day to take them out for whatever, you can participate,” the organization adds.

To participate in the Daycation program, visit the shelter between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on weekends or 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Like their Staycation Program, you don’t need an appointment or application, but you still need to show your ID and sign a waiver. They also recommend bringing a collar and leash, if you have them, due to limited supplies at the shelter.

“Please keep in mind this is a flex program that we can only offer when we do not have a line of adopters waiting to meet dogs,” the shelter points out. “Adopters are potential homes, and we don’t want the dogs to miss out on a forever home opportunity.”


Doggos on daycations must be returned to Animal Care and Control by the close of normal shelter hours

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