Stray Dog With Matted Fur Desperately Needs A Haircut


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Stray dogs have a hard life. Not only do they have to endure a daily struggle for the basic necessities like food, water, and shelter from the elements, but they also have other things to worry about, like hygiene.

Now, this isn’t a concern from a vanity standpoint, but rather a necessity. Like us, our dogs also require a basic amount of hygienic care in order to stay healthy.

They need their nails trimmed. They need their fur brushed and washed from time to time in order to avoid skin problems and other conditions – especially if they have longer fur.


When dogs have long hair, they really do need regular maintenance in order to avoid getting knots and tangles.

Usually, dogs have that when they are in loving homes where people care for them. When a dog is a stray, they lack that level of care. Unfortunately for longer haired dogs who are on their own, there is no one to make sure that their coats remain well-groomed. For one homeless pooch, the dirty mats in his fur had become so bad that he was unrecognizable.


When he was living out on the streets, this little pooch would often be seen at the local market, begging for scraps. Many times he wouldn’t even be recognized as a dog because of his badly matted fur.

Eventually, the dog was rescued by Olga. It took her two days to locate the dog, but it was a good thing she was able to. When she found him, he was already sick and suffering from a very high fever that was causing him to wheeze.


It was unclear how long he’d lived in this condition, or how old he was when he was found. But the one thing that was clear, was the fact that the vets were quite shocked by his state, and they knew that they had to get him free from his massive fur mats. It took them almost an hour to get rid of all the mats and knots, but the time was worth the wait – his transformation was incredible!

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