Sweet Pit Bull Saved After Being Left on a Busy Street to Suffer


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“Pit Bulls are among the breeds of dogs that are the most often misunderstood. “Unfortunately, they often find their way into the hands of the wrong people, and the wrong people mistreat them, abuse them, and finally leave them or get rid of them in one way or another,” says Valia Orfanidou of Orphan Pet. “Wrong people”

One of these dogs is named Matilda. She was discovered by a volunteer with SCARS, a canine rescue organization in the city, on one of the busiest streets in the southern part of Athens.

Her rescuers first thought the wounds on her body were the result of dog fighting, but after further investigation, they realized the true nature of the injuries.

“She was bleeding from every orifice, and the majority of the markings on her skin seemed to be dog bites; however, we were mistaken.” According to the article that was written by Valia Orfanidou for Orphan Touch, “Matilda’s whole skin is hurting, and large portions are coming off when you pet her.”

“She must have been tossing and turning for the whole of the evenings due to the excruciating itching she has been experiencing.” She suffers from leishmaniasis, which manifests itself as exfoliation dermatitis. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence everywhere in Greece.

“All of these Mediterranean illnesses, such as leishmaniasis and ehrlichia, and others like them are spread by parasites, and prevention is as easy as applying a simple spot on once a year,” she said.

“Apparently, Matilda’s owners were too cheap to provide her with spot ons and too cheap to take her to the vet and have her treated for leishmaniasis after she got sick, so they came up with the typical solution of abandoning her on the streets,” said the author of the article. “Matilda’s owners also apparently were too cheap to provide her with spot ons.”


Why do people act the way they do? Leishmaniasis is a disease that may be treated, and a complete recovery is possible for many dogs. Matilda has already begun her therapy, and our veterinarian has a high degree of confidence that she will make a full and speedy recovery.

Matilda is now residing in a foster home with three other canine companions. Valia reveals, “And she finally delights in the appropriate love and devotion.” Matilda will be made available for adoption via SCARS whenever she has regained sufficient health to do so.


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