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Aggressive Dog: Resources for Getting Help

It can be extremely distressing to share your home with an aggressive dog whose actions are unpredictable or even dangerous. In fact, we have many dogs with such issues here at the Sanctuary.

Block Dog’s View: Using Visual Barriers with Dogs

A visual barrier is a solid wall that prevents dogs from seeing what’s on the other sideA visual barrier is a solid wall that prevents dogs from seeing what’s on the other side (see photo at right). Most often, visual barriers are used so that dogs can’t see other dogs, but occasionally they serve to block the dog’s view of human neighbors.

Building Confidence in Dogs

Do you have a dog who seems uncomfortable, insecure or fearful about certain things? Fear, insecurity and trepidation in dogs can manifest in different ways. Some lunge and bark at whatever is frightening them, some hunker down and freeze until the scary thing goes away, while others give more subtle signs of discomfort. If you become familiar with your dog’s body language, you’ll know when he’s distressed.

Clicker Training

What is clicker training? Clicker training is a fun and effective way to communicate with your pets. You can train almost any kind of pet...

Crate Training 101: How To Train Your Dog

Being comfortable in a crate is a useful skill for dogs to have and it comes in handy for visits to the vet and the groomer, travel and potential emergency transport. In the video below, we walk you through the steps of how to crate train your dog.

Crate Training a Dog: Dog Training Plan

Why this is useful for your dog to know: Teaching your dog to be comfortable in a crate will have many benefits for both you and your dog. The crate can be a place of comfort and security for dogs, as well as a tool to help with potty training or prevention of destructive behaviors. When trained correctly, many dogs enjoy their crate time. Dogs are often required to live in crates for a time if there is an emergency, such as an evacuation, or an injury.