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What to Do If You Find a Loose Dog or Cat

Found a dog? If you find a dog loose outside, the dog may be a lost pup rather than a stray, and someone could be...

Finding a New Home for a Pet

Have you found a stray dog or cat, or do you need to find a new home for your pet? We hope the suggestions in this resource will help you. First, we’ll talk about what to do if you’ve found a stray. (If you locate the pet’s owner, you may not even need to find a new home.)

Animal Rescue Insurance

This animal rescue insurance guide covers types of insurance available for nonprofit animal organizations and good practices to minimize risk of loss.

Animal Shelter Dogs: Promoting Them for Adoption

This two-part action kit provides resources and examples of ways to promote shelter dogs in order to increase their chances of adoption. In Part 1, we give creative ideas and advice for promoting individual dogs to help get them into good new homes. Highlighting the unique characteristics of a dog can make all the difference in getting that animal adopted. Part 2 offers practical tips for putting on adoption events. Holding adoption events periodically can really help increase a shelter’s adoption rate.

How to Start an Animal Sanctuary

This resource supplies the basics of how to start an animal rescue, including considerations like providing shelter, vet care, and food; legal issues; fundraising; adoptions; and more.

Pet Profiles: How to Write an Adoption Bio for a Pet

Are you looking to rehome a pet or hoping to help your foster pet get adopted? One of the most effective ways to do that is to write an appealing adoption bio for the pet and post it on sites like AdoptaPet.com and on social media. Below are some tips for writing a great bio.