Terrified Pit Bull With Broken Leg Rescued


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Dogs only want to be loved and by our side, unless they are mistreated and lose trust in humans.

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue in California, received a call about an injured Pit Bull puppy near a busy highway ramp. Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope For Paws, headed to the described location alone to rescue the dog. However, when he arrived he realized that the dog was not a puppy.

After searching the trash-filled area for a few minutes, he found the wounded black dog hidden behind a dying bush. He approached slowly and talked to the dog in a gentle voice. However, the dog was terrified and in pain, so she responded by barking aggressively.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Hope For Paws

Hagar took a step back and tried to toss some of the food he brought to show that he was not going to hurt her. Finally, she ate some of the food and relaxed a bit. Afraid to go any closer, he used a gentle snare to capture the injured dog.

After securing the snare around her neck, he decided to name her Yara. He coaxed her out of her den with the remaining food. That is when he realized that he front leg was badly broken. She hopped on her three legs, dragging the front leg toward the vehicle.


Once they reached the vehicle, Yara took a break by resting on the curb. Hagar tied her to the bumper of the vehicle and went to retrieve some water. Unfortunately, that is when Yara decided to break free. Although, Hagar pleads with the dog to stop trying to escape, she succeeds. She chewed through the gentle snare and headed back to her den.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Hope For Paws

Hagar’s patience and determination were being tested, but he was not giving up. He goes back to where Yara is with another snare and the rescue begins again. Yara let out another defensive bark, but that was not going to stop Hagar. He saw the hurt in her eyes and knew she needed help. He states, “Did you really think I was going to leave you here?!”

Screen Shots: YouTube/Hope For Paws

Finally, he gets another snare around her neck and offers her water, which she quickly drinks. Just to be extra safe, he secures another snare around her neck. Realizing that this rescue was a difficult one, he called in for help. Loreta Frankonyte arrived just in time. Together they were able to get Yara into a crate and drove her to a vet for care.

Sadly, her leg was too crushed and had to be amputated. After Yara was free of pain and with the help of a trainer, she began to trust humans again. The light returned to her eyes, and her tail wagged out of happiness for the first time. She is a happy girl that loves to run and play. Having only three legs does not slow her down. She is currently in a foster home receiving all the care and love she deserves.

Screen Shots: YouTube/Hope For Paws

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