The Dog With Alzheimer’s Went To Heaven, Leaving His Best Cat Friend Alone


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Shino, a Japanese Shiba Inu who had been around for 18 years and had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, has reportedly passed away. His owner stated that he had been suffering from the condition.

“On March 7, at 14:45, Shino died away suddenly and in a calm environment. My dearly loved pet, I pray that you have a wonderful life waiting for you in paradise,” the animal’s owner posted on Instagram.

In the days that followed, Shino’s owner continued to post new images online in an effort to perpetuate his memory. These new photos focused mostly on the interactions that occurred between Shino and his feline companion Kuu. Shino’s health issues made it difficult for him to move, let alone take care of himself. He eventually gave up.

Shino’s life was filled with joy despite his owner’s neglect, thanks to the companionship of Kuu and the careful attention he received.

According to his owner, the seven-year-old Kuu became a bodyguard for his canine friend by preventing other cats from approaching him. Kuu’s friend is a dog.

Shino was unable to maintain control of his body while walking as a result of his condition, therefore Kuu served as his walking aid. His feline companion was usually right there by his side whether he stood up or moved around.

“The evening of the day before Shino passed away, he suddenly dropped down with loud wails,” the owner recounted. “He had gotten up, eaten breakfast, and walked out as usual earlier in the day before he passed away.” “I carried him around in my arms all through the night. He appeared to have a fever, and he was having trouble breathing…”

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“The next morning, after I sent him to the hospital, the doctor said Shino should remain there in observation and might be able to go back home at nightfall, so I went home first to have a rest,” the owner continued. “The next morning, after I sent him to the hospital, the doctor said Shino should remain there in observation and might be able to go back home at nightfall.”

“At that moment, Kuu snuck into my bed and slept underneath my quilt with me,” she said. It was a rare occurrence in the past. On the other hand, the doctor contacted me at 2:30 in the afternoon and informed me that Shino had ceased breathing.

“When Kuu found out that Shino had passed away, he was astonished, and he even passed out while he was in the hospital. Shino was in good shape the day before, so it’s puzzling how this could have happened so suddenly. After Shino went away, their online supporters became concerned about Kuu’s well-being and wondered what would happen to her. The owner stated that Kuu would frequently lounge about by himself in Shino’s kennel. He would occasionally doze off on the cabinet that was situated next to his kennel, keeping an eye on the area of the room in which they shared so many of their slumbers…

The owner was aware that Kuu was longing for his dearest companion…

Because it takes some time for him to get over it, the owner would only bother him very rarely. However, the owner reported that Kuu was feeling better and could eat more now, so he reassured the supporters that everything was going to be okay.

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