Timid Shelter Dog Goes Viral After No One Adopts Him


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Bob the shelter dog is searching for his forever home and his quest to find a family was recently brought to light in a viral video.

Bob is in foster care through the Badass Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, but they’re hoping to find his perfect family match, but it’s proven difficult so far. However, millions of eyes are on Bob now thanks to pet illustrator Andrea Caceres.


She shared about Bob on TikTok with a video that quickly went viral.

In the clip, you can see an adoption event taking place. All of the dogs are getting attention, except for Bob.

Andrea wrote in the video, “POV: you are at an adoption event and all the adoptable dogs are getting attention except for…BOB. Please someone get him a forever home.” In the caption, she added, “he is the sweetest pup, 3 Y/O very chill and perfect size for a NYC apartment.”

The video was viewed over 6.5 million times and many people took pity on the poor pooch!

The Badass Animal Rescued received a ton of inquiries and questions about Bob, so they made a video explaining that he was rescue alongside his family from Georgia earlier in the summer.

He had just come off a medical bed rest and is a bit timid and shy at the adoption event.

As they further shared on Facebook, Bob was found by a truck driver who couldn’t take care of him (or the three other dogs he was with). The rescue shared, “All four were in poor condition with sores all over their bodies and fleas. [Bob] was so severely matted he would need to be shaved.”

They noted that it was unlikely the dogs would’ve survived much longer on their own. They needed extensive medical care and “months of good nutrition” at the bare minimum.

That was back in June, and since then, Bob has received all of the care he so desperately needed. Now, some 6 months since being rescued, Bob is ready to find his loving forever home, and thanks to Andrea’s video, it may be easier than before!

Andrea shared that Bob still hadn’t been adopted as of November 8th, but he had received “tons” of applications – just none that are the right fit.

Bob is currently in a foster home and available for adoption through Badass Animal Rescue.

Bob needs a “patient adopter willing to gain his trust and love.” He is not house or leash trained but could be trainable to the right person.

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