Trainer saves puppy two hours before it’s kiIIed; dog saves her son seven years later


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When they are young, intelligent dogs frequently exhibit restlessness and behavior that is difficult to control. This was the situation with Ruby, an Australian Shepherd puppy that we rescued. The animal shelter determined that she was not suitable for adoption and made arrangements for her to be euthanized. Dog trainer Patricia Inman made a last-ditch effort to save Ruby’s life just two hours before the animal was scheduled to be euthanized.

Patricia was of the opinion that a dog as talented as Ruby would do well serving with the K9 squad. Ruby was accepted into a K9 training program as a result of her efforts, which were successful. In the first stages of her training, her handler, Daniel O’Neil, ran into a great deal of difficulty. But as Ruby found a place to call home that was secure and filled with love, she blossomed into a formidable opponent!

Ruby and Daniel were able to solve a large number of instances involving missing people, which ultimately resulted in the preservation of a great number of lives. One day, they got a report about a teen who had been missing for the previous day and a half. The family was in a state of severe distress. In the end, Ruby located the lost teenager unconscious and passed out in the bushes. After suffering a blow to the head, the young man was brought to the nearest hospital in the nick of time.

Source: TODAY/YouTube

Officer Daniel was taken aback when he found out who the boy’s mother was when she arrived later to thank him for her assistance. Patricia, the very same dog trainer who had rescued Ruby when she was a puppy, turned out to be the boy’s mother. Daniel shared with her the information that Ruby was THE K9 that was responsible for saving her son’s life. As Patricia tried to make sense of this unfortunate coincidence, she couldn’t help but break down in tears. Seven years ago, she performed a selfless deed that ended up being the one thing that kept her son alive. What a marvel of nature!

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To see Ruby’s trip and her highly emotional reunion with Patricia seven years later, click on the video that has been provided below.


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