Two Incredibly Sweet Puppies Assisted by Feral Cat Colony Rescued in Ukraine


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Surrogates in the animal world are not at all unusual. You never know when a momma with young of her own will take in animals that are not theirs or even of another species. Sometimes, they don’t even have to have a current litter or clutch to decide to help. You see these odd pairings in the news all the time, and they frequently melt your heart for the kindness and compassion they show. If only more humans could be so lacking in bias and judgment when it comes to those that are different or in need, but that’s a whole other story.

cat colony

Compassion Can Come from Strange Places

This story is about a feral cat colony in Ukraine that reportedly rallied around two sweet puppies to keep them going when no one else did. In the video, the young woman who is behind Love Furry Friends Rescue is seen going to a park where feral and abandoned cats are frequently seen. In a text overlay, viewers can read about how animals are sometimes dropped there because it’s widely known that she comes there to feed them. On one of her visits passersby tell her there are two very young puppies living in an abandoned part of the park.


Animal Welfare

Unable to ignore the tip, she goes to investigate and soon finds the adorable little fluff balls. Far from underweight, our hero determines that they must have been dumped there recently. The rescuer and her companion that films her interactions take the young pups to a vet to be checked out. A little boy and a little girl, the female, as it turns out, has an umbilical hernia, but otherwise, their weight is good and they appear to be relatively healthy. They are treated for parasites and vaccinated before being released.

puppy bath

Puppy Bath-Time

Soon they get baths and an opportunity to meet the family dog, who towers over their diminutive size at just two months old. Once one’s in the tub the other quickly wants to join whilst the family dog decides a toy is more interesting than their bath-time antics. The entire video is too sweet but as viewers, we’re never quite certain how they came to the conclusion that the cats kept them going.

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