When they accidentally run into each other on the street, dogs from the same litter recognize one another.


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Two long-lost siblings from the UK were unexpectedly reunited during what had begun as a routine stroll for two cockapoo dogs in the UK. During their trip, the two canine siblings unintentionally crossed paths, and one Twitter user shared pictures of them lovingly embracing each other on the street. The fact that these pictures have received 186K retweets and 936.1K likes suggests that Twitter liked it. Check out the conversation between Susan Killip, the dog’s owner, and Bored Panda below!

Recently, Libby Pincher posted pictures from her dad, whose business partner Dave was out walking his one-year-old cockapoo Monty in Ayecliffe, County Durham, when he noticed other dog owners walking a dog with a similar appearance. The dogs quickly embraced one another by around one other with their paws. When the owners noticed this, they struck up a conversation and learned that although they had been adopted by different homes, they had really been from the same litter.

“One day, while walking Rosie with my husband Lee, we ran across David. It was astonishing that they recognized each other after not seeing each other for ten months, Susan Killip recalls. “Aw, it was so sweet, they both just leaped up and hugged each other,” she says. “I took some pictures and sent them to Jean, but that was the last I heard of it until Jean called me to say David had sent them to a friend who then forwarded them to his daughter Libby, and the next thing we knew they were on Twitter and, as you know, it just went crazy from there,” the author said.

Susan responded when asked why they chose to adopt Rosie: “We chose to have a cockapoo two years after losing our toy poodle named Lucy. We continued to take lengthy walks while carrying some of her ashes in our pockets since we missed her so terribly. My buddy, who already had a cockapoo, put me in touch with the breeder of her dog and told me that Rosie’s mother, Millie, was expecting a litter in the latter half of June 2019.

On June 30, they were born in Bishop Middleham. Although there were 6 puppies, Monty and Rosie remained close. We chose Rosie since she was the small, calm puppy in the corner, and our friend Jean chose Monty when she also made the decision to adopt a puppy. Since we had already made travel plans, Jean watched for Rosie for 2 weeks after we brought her up in September due to issues with the breeder. They had a blast together for a whole week. Since Jean and David live in the neighboring village and we seldom see them, we picked her up after our vacation and took her home. She didn’t see Monty again until approximately three weeks ago. We frequently email one another to check on the dogs, but owing to job responsibilities, we were never able to meet in person.

In addition, Susan has good news for those who are wondering if Monty and Rosie will ever get together again: “When we are permitted to go out and meet people again, we are going to meet up and as it’s almost Rosie and Monty’s first birthday, perhaps we can do something to celebrate it together.”

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