While mistreating a K9 dog, an Indiana police officer was covertly videotaped; the video quickly went viraI.


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A police officer from Indiana was covertly caught as he was mistreating a K9 canine, and the footage has since spread like wildfire…

There are several instances in which dogs have protected people and even helped to save their lives. Everyone who owns a dog or has any affection for canines is aware of the fact that these animals are the most devoted of human friends.

The canines who work for the police force are trained to utilize their sixth sense in order to locate potentially harmful chemicals and items and to keep humans safe from them.

They even aid in the apprehending of criminals or put their own lives in danger to save the lives of law enforcement personnel who are in danger; many officers of the law owe their lives to their police dogs.

When I saw the following video with the awareness that I was shocked and disgusted at the same time to witness how the police officer interacted with a police dog, I thought I would share it with you.

A bystander captured video of a police officer abusing a police dog in an appalling manner. Since the footage of the event was uploaded on the internet, there have already been close to 1.5 million people watch it.

You can see a bystander recording two police officers in the video that was uploaded to YouTube. One of the officers was looking into a possible criminal, while the other officer was standing in the background with a police dog.

The Hammond, Indiana, USA, police officer then does something horrible to the dog when he is at home in Indiana, USA.

He then hits the dog’s body with another leash while pulling on the dog’s leash, which causes the dog to rear up on his hind legs.

Then he takes the dog even higher into the air while it is still attached to the leash and swings it around the area.

After the video gained widespread attention and the relevant police station became aware of it, the officer in charge of the inquiry was first tasked with administrative responsibilities while other inquiries were opened.

According to the Hammond police department, the investigation revealed that the dog had not been mistreated in any way, despite the fact that it had not shown any signals of hostility against the officer in the past.

However, it seems that over one million viewers who saw the video interpreted it in a different way. Over 1,400 individuals left comments on the video, many of which expressing their abhorrence at the behavior of the police officer in question.

In a statement that was released by NBC Chicago, the police claim that the police officer practiced the emergency situation as if he was at a risky traffic control, but that he will undergo further training in the near future.

Take a look at your reflection in the downstairs mirror, and then determine how you feel about the situation. The video can be upsetting to see for some of the readers.

In my opinion, it is not the appropriate approach to interact with canines. Though a police dog assists the officer in the course of his duties, the officer shouldn’t act as if he is fighting against the dog in any way.


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